Song of the moment: Sweet Sweet Love

Song Of The Moment sotm

It’s been a long time for one of these, even though I’ve had many and plenty of songs roaming the brain canal. I kind of had to do this one considering how I loved this Attala Zane Giles written and produced quiet storm hit since it first came out in 1988. It’s been playing in my head (and is still at the time I’m writing this) for the better half of a week or so. I know I tweeted about it around the time it started for whatever reason. Anyway, in the course of thinking about this post, I played it back to back three times and the jam plays on. So, just in time for the weekend, enjoy some Sweet sweet love by the one and only Vesta.

Vesta – Sweet sweet love

Song of the Moment: Flow

Song Of The Moment sotm

So it’s been a while. The reason for it is partially shrouded in mystery. I can say that I’ve felt like I’ve lost something. It’s definitely not the love of music, that is never going anywhere I can promise that. I guess part of the reason is, I’ve felt like I’ve lost my flow. Why it took me so long to figure that out, I don’t know. It’s also not known if posting this is going to help bring it back, but I’m doing it anyway. The mood just struck me when I thought of this song a minute or two before writing this. As for my flow, I do need to find it again, we’ve been friends too long for me to be without it. I’m gonna count this as part of my attempt to do that. So while I’m trying to find it, you enjoy this flow by the ever beautiful, Sade.

Sade – Flow


Song of the Moment: Gimme Some More

Song Of The Moment sotm

As a shorty, I saw this video featuring a rapper who’d Busta Rhyme like he bumped his head. And sure enough, the video confirmed it. It started out as the rapper as a little boy playing out in the yard, falling and bumping his head. Somebody elped him up and asked him if he bumped his head. He said, “yea”. They said, “Oh, so that means you gone switch it on ’em”. The kid said, “Yea, Flipmode. Flipmode is the greatest”

The rest you can see for yourself…

Song of the Moment

Song Of The Moment sotm

It’s been a while since I’ve done one, but there have been plenty. I should have kept better record of them. Probably could have turned them into something. Anyway, this is the first on this site. The rest I have done are here. Let’s get to it…

This has to be the shortest sparked but most appropriate song for some of the way that I’m feeling & will feel going into the new year. I love it when it happens like that. What can can I say, it just felt like right.

Brand New Heavies – Feels Like Right

Brand New Heavies – Feels Like Right

Couldn’t find a video for this song, sadly, but glad that I have the space to put the song up. 🙂


Song of the Moment: Explained!

If you’ve been around these parts for a minute, you will have noticed from time to time my mentions of Songs of the Moment (SotM). Chances are, you probably haven’t so, you probably haven’t. I used to do it a reasonable amount on here, but just really haven’t. Actually, I’ve pretty much taken up that task on other platforms. So, since I have a sec, I will explain it to you anyway if I hadn’t already.

So, a Song of the Moment is that song that you might hear on the radio that sticks with you for a while and won’t go away(unless you force it, because it stays with you my friend, and if you*….um, yeah). Anyway, it could be that song that someone happens to be humming and it attaches to you like a leech. Could be the song you woke up singing. Could be the little ditty in the shower that sticks around afterward. You get the point, I think. For me, it’s a combination of those things, plus a a couple of others. I have any number of songs running through my head at any given moment. There are some that stick around for sometimes days, or for 30 seconds or so. Sometimes, a song will pop up in the midst of a conversation with someone. Sometimes, I’m the one the that’s humming the songs that other people catch on to subliminally (I know I’m not the only one, but it feels special to me). Sometimes, you gotta do right, for you to be happy…

A lot times, a Song of the Moment has nothing to do with how I’m currently feeling or what I’m writing about. It’s not too often, at least to my knowledge, that there is a correlation, but it can and does happen. I don’t play the radio in my car as I have an MP3 player, so any song that I’m listening to there was meant to be played. And I thought I would have some kind of hard and fast rules about what constitutes a Song of the Moment candidate, but outside what I’ve already said, there isn’t much else. The only thing I’d make a rule to is the fact the song has to stick your head for a reasonable amount of time. Obvious, you think of a song and 30 seconds later it’s gone, while that’s is truly a song of the moment, it doesn’t qualify. I guess if you tack on the fact that if you are on to a song that you hold on to until you could foresee ably write it down somewhere, that could qualify.

The reason I don’t actually write down (or post) every time I have one of these moments, is because I’d be here (or somewhere) every other minute or so. There was, a time where I was going to write down every song that stuck in my head to see if there was some hidden correlation to how I was feeling at the moment. I quickly realized that was a fools’ errand. 🙂 Hell, if I typed every song I thought about during the typing of this post (including the ones I’ve alluded to), I’d never finish it. It’s like that sometimes.

Anyway, that explains that. If you come across any past or future posts that bear the mark of Song of the Moment, stand proud to know that mark of….excellence(?) means. I mean, outside of the obvious meaning, anyway. So without further ado:

Song of the Moment
Cherish the Day – Sade

And since you probably saw this one coming, I have a question for you. What is your song of the moment? You think there is any meaning to it, or did it randomly pop into your head and you couldn’t help yourself from singing it? Inquiring minds, want to know.

Incidently, I would have linked to older Song of the Moment posts, but I apparently don’t have them tagged, and I’m sleepy right now. Maybe I’ll go back and do that sometimes. Maybe.

(edit) SotM is not the same as np (Now Playing) because I’m not normally actually playing the song that becomes a SotM. Don’t know why I felt compelled to add this. I should NOT be writing while I’m sleepy.

* – Bonus: if you know where that line came from. What’s the bonus:? Satisfaction (I got the right tactics) that you are one step closer to being like the madness of my method. 🙂 Lucky you. And if you need ’em, i got crazy prophylactics.