Cupid’s Hunt 2012 – Downside

Cupid's Hunt music podcasts

[Editor’s note: Yes. This is days late, but I have it on official authority to post this anyway]

Fun Fact: every year of my participation in the annual Cupid’s Hunt event, I end up putting together enough music for at least two different playlists. I only end up posting one (even with the threat of wanting to post multiple). The reason is irrelevant at the moment. Usually, my contributions tend to fall towards the happier sides of love, even though I know there is always yang to the yin. That being said, I’m coming at this one from the other side of the spectrum. After all, there are different phases to love and different levels of love. There is that uncertain part where you know something’s wrong which starts the downward spiral to the end of the relationship. There are as many people going through this part of the cycle as there are those past and beyond it. This too, is sadly part of the hunt. The torturous part of the love cycle that no one cares to be in. This list goes through(I hope) some of the feeling that might come up at this time. This goes out to those that are going into as well as coming out of this phase, to those that feel stuck there, and those who never believe they will ever get there.

I encourage you all to go check out the other entries into this year’s event by going here. Thank you to the One T. Grundy again for allowing me entry into this fine affair.

Cupid’s Hunt 2012 – Downside

Vivian Green – Emotional Rollercoaster
Brian McKnight – Is The Feeling Gone?
Tony Toni Tone – Pain
Corinne Bailey Rae – Til It Happens To You
Tisha Campbell – Broken Hearted
Chante Moore – As If We Never Met
Zhane – Piece It Together
Expose – Season’s Change
Gladys Knight and the Pips – Neither One Of Us(Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)
Blackgirl – Where Did We Go Wrong
Mint Condition – Nothing Left To Say
Vanessa Williams – What Will I tell My Heart

Download or listen to it below.

Randomosity 02: The Happy mix

music podcasts Randomosity

A couple of weeks late (by my clock), but still relevant, this mix was born from me messing around on Spotify. At the same time, I realize that we all need the motivation to out our own happiness. I’m pretty certain this mix won’t do it, but I do hope you have fun listening to it as much as I had putting it together. There’s no Topically segment this week. Ok, no one knew there was such a thing, but aren’t you happy that you know of it now?  As always, comments, concerns, criticisms, etc. can be filed here. And with that, here’s this….

Towa Tei w/ Vi & Bahamdia – Happy
Outkast – Happy Valentine’s Day
Tamia – Happy
Cal Tjader – I Want To Be Happy
Maysa – Happy Feelings
Troop – Happy Relationship
Cherelle – Happy That You’re Happy With Me
R. Kelly – Happy People
Surface – Happy
Ashanti – Happy
Notorious B.I.G – Happy (freestyle)
Mary J. Blige – Be Happy
Michelle Branch – Are You Happy Now
Maze feat. Frankie Beverly – Happy Feelin’s

Bonus Track:
The Boys – Happy

You can download or listen to it below.

Randomosity 01: It took a turn

music podcasts Randomosity

Welcome to the first official Randomosity. The thing to really know about this is that while random is in the name, it’s not always going to necessarily be in the the execution…though you can bet there will be. Case in point, sometimes I start off with an idea for a playlist based on something on my mind. Might even have some tracks in prep, but somewhere between then and putting it out…it switches gears. See if you can figure out where that really happened here. Also, there should have been a (rant) bit or two added in that I didn’t get to record at the time I put this together. Some other time, perhaps. There is a nice, fresh Sample Moment for you dig on, in the meantime. I am shooting for every two weeks for these on a Tuesday. Well see how that goes, as well. Point is, you never really know what all you’ll get with these….at least, I don’t know what you’ll really get. Regardless, I do hope you enjoy the offering. And with that, here it is. [Edit] Not that it matters, but the addition of the Otis Redding was well before the whole “Otis” hysteria.

Sy Smith – Fa Sho
Erykah Badu – Love of my life
D’Angelo feat. Redman & Method Man- Left and Right
Musiq feat. DJ Aktive & Carol Riddick – Soulstar
Otis Redding – Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa (sad Song)
Tony Toni Tone – If I had no loot
Myron – Free
Aaliyah – Hot Like Fire
Bobby Brown – Pretty Little Girl
Sir Mix-a-lot – My Posse’s on Broadway
Masta Ace – Born to Roll
Whodini – I’m a ho
Easy E – Boyz in the Hood (remix)

Sample (and song of the) Moment:
Michael Wycoff – Lookin’ up to you

You can download or listen to it below.

Randomosity: A trip inside my mind

music podcasts Randomosity

I believe pretty much everybody has that constantly running jukebox of music running through their minds. With some, it just happens to spill out into the unsuspecting worlds at odd times.

*raises hand*

One night at work a few moons ago, I was talking with a coworker about all the songs that come to mind during the course of the night. I also tried to postulate whether what pops up has anything to do with what is usually going on around you at the time. That study has still so far been inconclusive, but that’s another post for another time. I decide to write down all of the songs that naturally came to mind during the course of the night. Some stayed with me during the whole night (those usually are the basis for songs of the moment) and some ended up being a bridge to another song. All…well most were written down and this is where this post comes in.

The set below represents what was playing in my head’s jukebox that night and could possibly give some clue to how my mind operates musically. While I am doubting that last part, maybe some light while be shed on something worthwhile. So with that, I present to you the remnants of that list of songs from memory. Not all of the tracks came from that night as at least one hadn’t existed then. I will give no excuses for the content, but I will say that this should not be taken as mix in the traditional sense. If anything, it’s an extension of how I make initially made tapes back in the day or playlists now, when I do. An experiment, if you will. One I hope you will enjoy or at least be amused by. Either way, let me know how you feel about it in the comments or by email, if you want. If you get to the end of the playlist and have enjoyed it, then maybe this little experiment will be far from over.


Chante Moore – Loves taken over
Sweetback & Bahamadia – Au Natural
Incognito – Change
Soul II Soul – Jazzy’s Groove
Tony Toni Toné – Couldn’t keep it to myself
Outkast – She lives in my lap
Prince – She lives in my head
Pete Rock – #1 Soul Brother
Erykah Badu – Window seat
India.Arie – Butterfly
Intro – Funny how time flies

Download or play it below.

Cupid’s Hunt 2011 – All About You

Cupid's Hunt music podcasts

The Hunt is on once again. The Cupid’s Hunt, that is. That time when your favorite music podcast collective (and I) celebrate love in it’s many forms through song. Surely you know what is by now, don’t you? This marks my third year participating in the event and I can assure you I get as much pleasure out of doing it as listening to the goodness that comes out of it. So to get right down to it, this mix started between thinking about an old mix of mine (that I keep saying I’ll post) and an amalgamation of a couple of ideas I’d been thinking about lately. I will let you be the judge on how successful I was in bring them across. I would also invite you to partake of all mixes that have and will be thrown down for this occasion. I guarantee there is something for everyone…unless you don’t like good music. Oh, and if you care to follow the event, please check out and follow the Twitter and Facebook pages for the event. The only other thing to say is, while Valentine’s Day is set aside to celebrate love, please make sure you realize that love should be celebrated every day, not just one a year. And with that, here we go…

Cupid’s Hunt – All About You
  • Raphael Saadiq – Oh Girl
  • Linda Jones – Hypnotized
  • Enchantment – Silly Love Song
  • Lakeside – I Want To Hold Your Hand
  • Teddy Pendergrass – Your My Latest Greatest Inspiration
  • L.T.D. – We Both Deserve Each Other’s Love
  • Brandy – I’m Yours
  • Kem – I Can’t Stop Loving You
  • Corinne Bailey Rae – Breathless
  • Luther Vandross – It This World Were Mine
  • Wayman Tisdale – You
  • Tamia – You Put A Move On My Heart
  • Anita Baker – Whatever It Takes
  • Patti LaBelle – Somebody Love you (You Know Who It Is)

You can listen to the mix below, or you can download it and check it out later. Which ever you do, please enjoy.

Cupid Hunt 2010 – Love and Hip-Hop

Cupid's Hunt music podcasts

Once again it’s here, the Cupid Hunt. The annual gathering of music lovers (podcasters and the like) to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This is my second year participating in the event masterminded by Todd Grundy and I’m more than happy to do so. You can find more info in the event here. And you can also follow the event on Facebook and Twitter. Now, let’s get to it.

When you think of Valentine’s Day or even love music in general, you rarely think of Hip-Hop. This is probably with good reason. You will definitely not find many, if any, rappers talking about love on the radio nowadays. They’re really not talking about anything these days, but that’s beside the point. There was a point in history where rappers were tacking the subject of love in forms and ways. The mix below only touches on the different ways and subjects. In addition, you really can’t speak on the entity that is the Hip-Hop love song without mentioning the two most notable figures, LL Cool J and The Prince of Darkness Big Daddy Kane. So it is with that honor that they get an extra track as mini tributes to them. So without further ado…

De La Soul – Talkin’ Bout Hey Love
Gangstarr – Lovesick
Bahamadia – I Confess
The Pharcyde – Passing Me By
Common – Come Closer(remix)
The Fat Boys – Falling In Love (7 Inch Version)
Jean Grae – Love Thirst
Whodini – One Love
The Roots – You Got Me (feat. Erykah Badu)
Big Daddy Kane – The Day You’re Mine
Big Daddy Kane – I’m Not Ashamed ft. Alyson Williams
LL Cool J – You’re in My Heart
LL Cool J – I Need Love
Doc Box and B Fresh – Slow Love
World Class Wrecking Crew – Before You Turn Off The Lights

You can listen below or you can download it below.

If you’ve enjoyed this mix(or even if not), please go check out the other mixes that are floating around the internet from a bunch of great podcasters and music loving folks for this occasion. You can find the master list here.

How’s about that, it seems that it’s that time again

Cupid's Hunt

In the 365 days a year we have, there is only one set aside for love. I’m not here to debate how wrong that is(because it is), but what I am hear to tell you about is that during this time of joy, there is an event of monumental proportions happening. What is this event I’m speaking of? It is the annual Cupid Hunt Podcast Event sired by Mr. TGrundy aka “Mr. Brilliant”. Recall, if you will, my mentioning of it(pause for dream sequence). Done? Good, well now it’s that time again, and guess who’s joined in the fun? ME! Kind of makes sense, I speak on music occasionally. I’ve posted playlists in a couple of places on the net. Natural fit, right? Of course it is.

So I know you’re asking the question: “Roddy, where can these mixes be found?” Well, younglings, I will tell you. The Great List of mixes and also information on the Cupid Hunt can be found at TGrundy’s site, Rhythms In Black Satin.  I recommend you go there & have at all of the mixes available. You will NOT be disappointed! Now, if you are possibly saying to yourself, “Didn’t he just mention that he did a mix? Where is that?” Well, that was nice of you to notice. In addition to a link to my mix being found at TGrundy’s site, you can go directly there from here:

Cupid Hunt 2009: Lights, Camera, Slow Jams [Music inspired by the music inspired by Motion Picture love]*

More on that particular site next post. For now, enjoy the music. 🙂

* I almost went with this as the title of my mix. Almost.

Cupid Hunt 2009 – Lights, camera, slow jams

Cupid's Hunt music podcasts

It’s that time again. Once again, it’s time for the annual Cupid Hunt Podcast Event masterminded by the one TGrundy over at Rhythms In Black Satin(RIBS, for short). This is the event where a group of music podcasters & DJ’s all release mixes with the theme related to Valentine’s Day and the subject of love. Information about this annual affair can be found, here. This year, I decided to join the fun with a mix of my own. It was no easy task even when knowing what I’ve wanted to do since last year’s Cupid Hunt. Needless to say, I encourage you to go check out every mix that’s being put out for this event. Most of the people in my Blogroll will be providing mixes for this event. The master list of mixes is being kept here. It will be updated as the weekend progresses. Here are some of the ones that I know are posted already:

DJ Grantlove Pt1, Pt2, & My love, my life, my wife


Todd Kelley

Anji Bee @ the Chillcast

DarrenKeith @ My love for music

Friday Night Dance Party

Fave @ the Friday Favecast


EJ Flavors




I would like to thank TGrundy for the opportunity to take part in this event. That said:

I’ve always loved making slow tapes. You either had a mood-setting mix, straight baby making music or some combination of the two. I wish I hadn’t gotten out of doing them or mixes period. That’s another story. Right now, it’s about a soundtrack. As in from a movie. Back in the 90’s, it seemed like most every urban themed or starred movie had a great soundtrack with some notable slow songs attached to it. Sometimes, the soundtracks were better than the movies themselves. I thought I’d make a mix that incorporated some of those songs in my mix. So without further ado, here it is.

Cupid Hunt ’09 – Lights, camera, slow jams*

  • Tony! Toni! Tone! – Just Me And You (Boyz N The Hood)
  • Allure – When The Shades Go Down (The Best Man)
  • Sandra St. Victor – Come Over (A Thin Line Between Love And Hate)
  • London Jones – I Lust 4 U (House Party II)
  • Johnny Gill – There U Go (Boomerang)
  • Faith Evans – Kissing You (Waiting To Exhale)
  • Keith Washington & Chante Moore – Candlelight & You (House Party II)
  • Luther Vandross & Cheryl Lynn – If This World Were Mine (The Wood)
  • Chaka Khan – My Funny Valentine (Waiting To Exhale)
  • Tears Away – Faith Evans (Hav Plenty)
  • Mint Condition – My Dear (Mo Money)
  • Me’shell N’degeocello – Let Me Have You (How Stella Got Her Groove Back)
  • For Real – Love will be waiting At Home (Waiting To Exhale)
  • Maxwell – Sumthin’ Sumthin’: Mellosmoothe(Cut) (Love Jones)

* – As with any other time, I’m taking a Badu stance on this. I’m sensitive about my stuff, so be nice.