The Less Than Traditional Holiday Playlist + New Classic!

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Once upon a time not long ago, I made this little list when time got slow,

The holidays abound and the mood wasn’t good, ’cause everybody acting like you expect they would…

There are holiday songs that seem rarely played,

That are just as good as ones previously said…

Okay, let me not finish that.  So yea, I made a Spotify playlist mixes a couple of the Holy Triumv with some…inspired choices. I even added a couple of recent ones to it for good measure.

Have fun with that.

But FIRST, a modern classic in its own right! A while back, someone thought it was a brilliant idea to ask DMX if he knew any Christmas songs…AND HE DID! And I do hope that person who asked him got a raise.

You know it, you love it. A true modern classic (and easy stand-in for one of the Triumv)!

DMX – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 

Tossed Up Christmas playlist (Not the greatest name, so what?)