Where are they now #3

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Well, I least I think it’s number 3. I can’t remember the last one I did that counted as one. I have one I’ve been sitting on for a couple of months, but haven’t put it up yet. Forget that, this one has priority.

So I was talking music with my dear friend Baby Jaguar last week (Hi Daneita) and she asked a question that I totally could not answer, until NOW. The question was…

Where the HELL is Maxwell!

And I thought to myself, yea, where the hell is he? He hadn’t had an album since 2001’s Now. Hell, Sade’s done something since then and you KNOW she can space out her albums like nobody else. And Maxwell was on a pretty good run when he came out. The voice, the timing, the blowed out hair, it was all there. However, I didn’t go snooping around for it right off the bat. It wasn’t until I was listening to a NeoSoul Cafe podcast last night at work when I heard “Each Hour Each Second Each Minute Each Day: Of My Life”(I love his song) from his second album, Embrya. This is what sent me to finding out what’s the deal is. So let’s back up a bit.

Maxwell hit the ground running with his 1996 debut album, “Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite”. I knew the album was going to be something when I saw the video for “‘Til the Cops come Knockin'”. And I only saw it once on B.E.T. The whole album was a hit and it played out like a story, or a suite, if you will. Notable songs* were, “Ascension (don’t ever wonder)”, ‘Reunion’, “Sumthin’ Sumthin'” (of course), and my personal favorite, “Suitelady (The Proposal Jam)”. He followed this album a year later with an MTV unplugged album. Let me go ahead and say that I don’t usually count “live” albums as full albums because they usually they are usually concerts centered around whatever album was out at the time and not full of any real new material. This one was no exception, but it did spawn a single from it and it was popular. He remade Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work”, it took off, and he rode it until the wheels came off.

The video that started it all (for me)

1998 saw the release of the aforementioned album, “Embrya”. This also brought the release of some quite long and strange ass song titles. Nonetheless, the album was about as good as the first. Some would argue better. It worked the way it worked for me. Notable songs, “Everwanting: To Want You to Want”, the single “Luxury: Cococure”, “I’m You: You are Me and We are You”, “Submerge: Til We become the Sun”, and my personal favorites “Matrimony: Maybe You” and the aforementioned “Each Hour Each Second Each Minute Each Day: Of My Life” Which, by the way, is exactly what was being taken typing all of this out. Jeez! Pretentious, much? Anyway, good album, terribly long titles.

Now that my hands are tired, i’m breezing through the res of this. Maxwell rode Embrya until 2001 (not really, but go with it) when he released “Now” where he re-ran “This Woman’s Work” as the jump off. This album was as good as the other albums, in my opinion, which is good. I happen to like consistency in an artist. Call me crazy. I guess now I should take the time to say that through out all of the albums laid the consistent production of Stuart Matthewman. The name may not sound familliar but the his sound does. He is part of the group Sweetback who also doubled at one point as Sade’s backing band (okay, do you see the connection?). So if you know the sound, then you know what this album sounded like. In fact, I forgot that Sweetback’s album and Maxwell’s first album came out the same year, so they had the connection even then. Maxwell also sung the song “Softly Soflty”, which is a nice song, on their album (go pick it up. It’s sexy).

Back on track. Notable songs… really, f like the first two albums, you probably liked this one. But since you insist on having notable songs here they are: “Get to know ya”, “W/as my girl”, and the hit single, “Lifetime”. After that, he dropped off the face of the earth. Or so I thought.

I just so happened to do a Myspace check and sure enough, he’s there. Not only that but it appears that he is working on a new album that looks to be out around Valentine’s day? This is great news, personally. There is one thing that has me worried. If you go to his Myspace page, you will notice something quite wild. No, not the fact that there are 3 tracks presumably from the upcoming album. The brother done cut his blow out! Oh wait, I think he just has it dreaded up and pulled back. his hair was kind of signature for him, so I got worried. Actually, I still am. Is this going to be the Maxwell of yesterday with some new material, or is this a new Maxwell that feels the need to flow with the mediorcrity of today’s R & B? Who know? Well, I guess I would if I had checked out the tracks on Myspace and I will later on. Right now, I’m kinda glad to see the brother is coming back out. Maybe lifting up the underground (Neo)soul genre, perhaps? We’ll see. Hopefully, he’ll still do a little Sumthin’ Sumthin’ (yuck, yuck yuck).

Sorry, had to make the joke.

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New Neo Soul Cafe season

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A new “season” of the Neo Soul Cafe video show has started. First up: Van Hunt. If you don’t know who that is exactly (like me), go the the site and click on The Lounge. Then click Podcasts, then video, and finally click on the link for the show. Now was that so hard? Interview + good music videos =  Winner! You can also get any of the other shows you may have missed. It is video so hopefully you have a fast connection. Oh, you can subscribe to the show (with your favorite podcatching client like Itunes or whatnot) and grab it that way.

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Myspace ain’t my place, but I guess someone’s there.

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     I had to spend some time in the room the I used to work at this weekend for some odd reason and the group there spend a good amount on the net. Their place of perusal, Myspace. A couple of them (probably all of them) have accounts. One of them was telling me of some issues one his boys were having with his now ex group, Stuck Mojo, and pointed me to their page to look at something. Well, later on that night and the next day, I starting thinking about how many artists have a page on Myspace. It’s kind of REE-diculous.  So, the next night during a lull (read: my co-worker was gone so I could do it with good conscious. That’s another story.), I just randomly tried to find pages for artists I knew of on a whim. With the exception of two that were under different names (somebody else had it already), everyone I plugged in, was there. Including a group I thought had broken up (Portishead*), which also was under another name. I have a list. Keep in mind that I had already mentioned a few people myself a while back. Also, keep in mind that I know I could have just looked on Myspace’s music page. I told you, there was a lull and for once, I got bored. Wanna see the list? Like to see it here it go:

Those I did that night. These I did while writing up this post.

The aforementioned Portishead

And speaking of Jaguar Wright, she has a song on her latest album, ‘Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul‘, that has a song called,’My Place’. On this song, the hook goes like this:

“Let’s go to my place,
Let’s go to my place,
Let’s go to my place,
Up in my place, Up in my space”

     Or something like that. Is it a coincidence? Yea, probably, but the point is, there are a lot of artists on the site. However, you can’t possibly tell me that 90% of the people I listed are that savvy enough to get it. Thomas Dolby? Believe it! MC Hammer? He’s been getting it. The Roots, I can see it. But REM? Lil Kim? Anita Baker (I love you but no). Jody freaking Watley? CULTURE CLUB????? NO! Maybe i’m not giving them enough credit. Or maybe I know the real deal.

     Myspace is a marketing wet dream for A & R. This is not totally a bad thing. For them, it’s smart. All the kids are there, so that’s where they are pushing their artists. Independent and Major label artists alike are flocking there. The independents have good reason. They are trying to get heard. You can tell also because they are ‘friending’ the artist and you see comments like: “come to my site”, “Please listen to my demo“, etc. Major’s are doing it because they can and it’s “free”. The thing is, it’ll only last until the kids leave and find somewhere cooler and less commercial. It’s an Internet fact. So, junkies, enjoy it while you can. In fairness, it is a good source to try out and hear new songs, but the rest of it is bunk and garbage. No disrespect to those with pages. My ‘I See Stupid people‘ colleague, The L, has a page that I have yet to check out there. So do a few other people I know (someone has one they don’t know about). I can’t do it, but I suppose I can’t knock those who do. Some of the pages I have seen are ugly, for real. That’s my problem with it, though. Anyway, the catalyst for this tirade was sparked by this article from CNET News.com. Go check it out.

MySpace blurs line between friends and flacks | CNET News.com

and some more food for thought.

In the meantime, here are a few more i’ve found.

Anyway, Try it yourself. Type in: www.myspace.com/whoeveryoulike and see if they come up. Make it a game if you’re bored. Bonus points for the most obscure person you can find. Post in the comments. And no I do not and will not have a page, L Boogie.

* – Hell YEAH!! Seal of Approval

Sample Moment #3 (the second time around)

music sample moment

Thanks to ILLaTV for the date correction.

Caught, now i’m in court
’cause I stole a beat.
This is a sampling sport.
But i’m givin’ it a new name.
What you hear is mine

     I’m sending this out to the one dem call (or at least I do call) ILLaTV. Proprietor of Some videos.

“Today’s topic Self Destruction,
it really ain’t the rap audience that’s buggin’.
it’s one or two……”

WAIT A MINUTE….That’s the wrong one.

     Alright, I got it now. Today’s moment is quite famous on a couple of front’s and quite slippery too.  but, i’m gonna give it to you like The Brat. The sample has been used by Teddy Riley and others, but it probably blossomed worldwide underneath the words:

“Ooooh, Justify my love.”

     That’s right, i’m talking about the uncredited backbone of Madonna’s 1990 hit single, ‘Justify My Love‘. The song, which I guess was written by Lenny Kravitz and Ingrid Chavez, rode on top of a hard hitting and uncredited bassline that possibly saw the light of day two years earlier. And who and or what was sowed the seeds of this dance floor devastation? Would you believe me if I told that it came from a revolutionary source? Guess what, it did. It was none other than the Bomb Squad,  Public.. Public.. Public Enemy, and the Bass testing beat of ‘Security of the First World‘ from 1988’s Classic Material, ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back‘. Now that i’ve said it, I think all of you knew that. I mean, it’s not like the song came out as a single or anything, but I think this crowd was pretty much on it.

     So why tell it? Somebody might not have known. And speaking of not knowing, I didn’t know that the high beeping in the song was sample from a Casio wristwatch that Bomb Squad member Eric Sadler had. Go figure. Now comes the slippery part. I am not sure if P.E. was the first ones to use this beat. I know, I falling off my game, but bear with me. For all I know, they could have sampled it from James Brown’s Funky Drummer like a lot of other songs on Nation of Millions (and elsewhere). Being that i’ve heard the song hundreds of times, I don’t think so, but I don’t doubt it either. If you know, let ME know. Hey, I’m not perfect you know. My resources are limited, plus  P.E.’s song was done before Biz fucked it up for everyone, in which I thank him for, by the way. Why, because if it wasn’t for what happened to him, you wouldn’t get those nice “sampled from” statements in your liner notes. That’s the little booklet you might have inside your CD case, in case you didn’t know. I’m sure people are still trying to get away with chopping up a sample so much until it’s not recognizable and also trying to get out of paying royalties, but  hey, you can’t help that. Oh, did I mention that the song was uncredited in Madonna’s joint? Ok.

Anyway, that concludes this moment. Hit me up in the comments or email. Do you like it, don’t like it?  Bored now? Got a request? Holla!

Get your head right, now

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You know, I thought that the (Neo) Soul movement was dead. Ok, maybe not dead, just in cryogenic sleep until it’s needed. Kind of like the period between one flood of African American inspired/themed/starred/targeted movies (including the Blackploitation ones of the ’70’s) to the next. This is usually every 8 to 10 years seems like. But that’s for another time, right now, it’s about the music. Like I said, I figured the Soul movement was sleep until needed. Really, it’s always needed. R&B sucks and does NOT deserve the name. It’s either Rap and Bullshit or Booty and Pop with Booty thrown in some more. It’s RE-diculous (yes, I meant to spell it like that). Radio is mostly crap, and it wasn’t always like that. Because of which, I don’t really listen to it anymore. It’s good because I am spared the same song every 15 minutes, but presumably miss out on a gem that gets squeezed in at the midnight hour. Who am I kidding, that last part doesn’t happen any more, either. And before I go off on ANOTHER tangent, let me get to the heart of the subject.

So (Neo)Soul, apparently, is always needed to balance out the BS. And also, apparently, it hasn’t gone anywhere but perhaps under the radar, which is where I shamefully barely look anymore. but that has changed, dear friends. I’ve been holding on to this site for a while now, but I need to share it with you. I’ve already given you Honeysoul.com and it’s still a great place to go, but I have an equally impressive site for you to peruse. It’s called:

Neo Soul Cafe – the music that gets your head right

Truer words were never spoken. This is a great site for (Neo)Soul music lovers. It’s nicely laid out, too. The main focus, however, is the music as it should be. The site is the baby for the seemingly lovely Dallas, Texas based DJ Frances Jaye. Upon entering the site, you are greeted with all of your options for checking out said site. You will need Flash to check out stuff, but i’m pretty sure you already have it. At the top of the page, are links to other pages of interest on the site like Art, Photos, Events, Links to other site worth checking out (mainly Music Labels), and Music (links to Artist pages/sites). There’s also a Guestbook and an About page where I gleamed some info off of. Please check them all out, but the glue for the site is in the Lounge, which is the first button at the top. This brings up a pop up and where most of the action takes place. The lounge is where there is a 24 hour music player running, called the Cafe (hence the name). All you have to do is choose your stream (Windows Media, Itunes, or Quicktime, winamp, and connection type of whichever you choose) and let the musical goodness wash over you. The music is GREAT. You could hear anything from Amel Larrieux to Wayna (not Boyz II men one) and everything in between. All work safe….provided your work will let you stream music at all. Oh, and for you Hip Hoppers out there, there is a Hop Hop Lounge that you can listen to also. It is the same as the Cafe, but playing more hip Hop like Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Digable Planets, and many others you may or may not know. Cool thing about both players is that it is a good quality stream so it sounds great. Even more, the artist, track and album name is there and you can click the album art to buy it from Amazon or Itunes.

And if that isn’t enough, every Sunday night from 7 – 9 Central Time(8 -10 Eastern), the one Frances Jaye jumps on the boards for a two hour set called,”Neo Soul Cafe Live”. At least I think she still does as I haven’t had a chance to catch the stream live. And she seems to like Roy Ayers. I ain’t mad at her. So how do I know this? Well, i’m glad you asked. Guess what, the “live” sets are downloadable from the lounge under “Podcasts”(click audio) and you can subscribe to it just as easily. Think is, I hadn’t seen a new one the Hip Hop mixtape back in May. Don’t let that discourage you, though. Here’s what got to me a bit more. On the first show I downloaded and listened to, it took a little over 30 minutes before I heard something I remotely knew (a Floetry song, if you’re interested), but I was groovin’ the whole way. I was excited about the fact that there was all of this music from people that I hadn’t heard about, but at the same time, I was put off because I can’t believe I didn’t know about these people. I heard names like Candy West, Geno Young, Eric Roberson, and W. Ellington Felton, who also has a group with Raheem Devaughn called CrossRhodes. Now I also heard songs from Van Hunt, Frank Mccomb, Hill St. Soul, and Ne-yo. And i’m so sick of hearing his song, but I feel the need to check out his album anyway. That and the aforementioned Raheem Devaughn for some reason. Just to rattle off a couple more names, there was stuff by Carmen Rogers, Geno Young, Goapele, and YahZarah.

Now, in case you didn’t know about who those l just mentioned, there is also a video component that is apparently is on television in certain markets called, what else, the Neo Soul Cafe. From what I read, it’s been on TV for a couple of years now? And it’s also viewable(under shows), downloadable and can be subscribed to from the Lounge (under podcasts. click video). There, you can find music videos and interviews with artists such as the last ones mentioned. It’s a good show. Check it out. As a matter of fact, stop reading this and just go there now. You should have done that well before now…unless you have. If you haven’t…go! I’ve had it as a link on the left for a while now, so maybe i’m preaching to the choir.

Oh, just go! Yes, it’s on Myspace.
Frances Jaye has one on there under her name also.

I know I was a little light on the artist links I would normally put in, but i’m sleepy and may put them in later. By the way, did anyone know that “Over There” star, former Power Ranger, “Half and Half” and”ER” guester, Keith Robinson could sing?

Sample Moment #2

music sample moment

Yep, it’s been a while,
but you’ll forgive me. I have lot’s of material, but i’m lazy. Which I
guess that’s why i’m going to make this one easy on everyone (read:
me). But all is not lost, I am generous. This time, i’m going to give
you 2 moments in one and they are both easy so let’s get into it…

You’ve been waitin’ and debatin’
For oh so long,
Just starvin like Marvin for a

If you’re like me with this, you know your favorite Rap/Hip Hop song is probably comprised of a sample or two. Also, you would love to know what they are because, in a lot of cases, the source material is as good or better than the song using it. This is what Sample Moment is about. Diggin’ into the song to find what made it the hotness you know it as. As time goes by, I may get alittle more in depth with it, but for now, let’s just find these gems, shall we?

Now, the first moment had Ashanti allFoolish‘ and Musiq thinking ‘Ifiwouldknew‘ (I liked the original, ‘Girl Next Door‘ that this was the remix for), but where it is really notable is in the words:

“I, Poppa, Freaks all the the Honies…”

Need I go on? Didn’t think so. Yep, the groundwork to one version of Biggie’s(R.I.P) ‘One More Chance‘ comes from none other than ‘Stay with Me‘ from the group Debarge‘s 1983 album, ‘In a Special Way‘. If the title sounds familiar it should because it was also a hit back in the day (along with a few others on that album), but we’ll save that for later. I guess I should note that rapper Big L (R.I.P) used it once, and Funkmaster Flex used it twice among others. I’m kind going for the more popular uses. Yea, it easy and cheap, but that hasn’t stopped them from using it now, has it?

Alright, next on the list is a more recent than you think. I shouldn’t tell you the name of the “offending song” because it would totally give it away (YEEAAAHHH!), but there is no way around it. So let me run it like this. The year, 2002. The artist, Michael Sterling. He came out with an album called ‘Right Now’ and on this album there was a song that became a MEGA hit two years later in the hands of someone who already had a handful at the time he “crafted” (very loosely said) the song in question. Hell, it was said on the beginning of the song,”We had to do it again. Had to do it.” and I don’t think they were talking about the people featured on the song, but who knows. Alright, if you don’t know what i’m talking about, then apparently you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of years. Either that or my clues are terrible. Most of you are already replaying the song in your heads, so without further ado we have: Ursher(hey, that how he said it)… Lil Jon… Ludacris!!
in 2004’s SMAASH hit, ‘Lover’s and Friends‘from Lil Jon’s ‘Crunk Juice‘ album. Originally done, as I said, by Michael Sterling. Lil Jon took almost everything off of the original song except for the vocals and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote the ones that were used! Believe it.

Now I wish I could do this spot as a podcast because I would love to play some of the original stuff I come across as a comparison to the sample version. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of money for licensing, but there may be a way to do this in a way that I won’t get sued for. Stay tuned for that. Hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have. Questions, comments, suggestions, holla at me or put them out here on the comments. Incidently, you can hear a snippet of Micheal Sterling’s version from the link on his name or here.

(not so) New Music Lookout #4


Ok, this one is a little different because while this artist is new for where I found him, but not new to the scene. His name is Ola Onabule. A London, England (do you sense a theme here?) born Nigerian with a smoking voice. I put him somewhere between Marvin Gaye and Micheal Macdonald.  He has a four octave range (which means he can hit a good range of notes) and apparently, has five albums under his belt starting from 1999 to 2004. He appears to have opened for a number of people like Patti Labelle and Natalie Cole and has written Arias for the Royal Opera House.

     Ok, so why am I talking about him when he doesn’t seem to have had an album since 2004? Well, recently, I’ve been listening to a podcast that hd played one of his songs that he recently had put on the Podsafe music network (we’ll talk about that some other time). The song was called ‘Soul Town’ and it looks like it was on his last album, ‘in Emergency Brake Silence’ from 2004. you should take a listen to it and the other song that is there. Go here to do so:

Ola Onabule page on PMN

or go directly to his website and check out that and his other stuff: Olamusic.com

I think you’ll like his stuff.

Oh, and i think he’s on Myspace….addicts.

New Music Lookout #3


I was looking in Sunday Best Buy circular the other day when I noticed a new album coming from an artist named Corrinne Bailey Rae. Since I hadn’t heard of her before and couldn’t tell what kind of stuff she did, I just figured her for some new jack and filed it away to check into later. Well, later came Thursday morning while I was talking to a Daywalker on the shift coming in to work. My co-worker said that she supposedly has a singing style like Norah Jones. He was asking me about her, which pulled her file up to be investigated. When I got home, I snooped around like Dre and didn’t find much. Ok, that’s not entirely true because what I found is enough to last me until I check out the album. I came across her Website and it has, like many other artist sites, music playing. And I must say the girl is kinda nice. At first it threw me off because I thought, judging by her voice, she was like 16 or 17. Turns out she is a 26 year old British singer whose been kinda hot over the pond for a little bit. Also, while I can see what my co-worker was talking about, she sounds more like Macy Gray without the raspiness. Incidently, this might be her second album? I’m not sure but I saw something like that in my investigation.

So here is your homework, check her out for yourself. I think you might like her if you hadn’t already heard of her.

Go for it:

The Official Site

Blogger’s Friend, Wikipedia

MSN Music

AOL Music (there is a link to a concert she did and her videos to the right)

Videos at Videocure (Check out ‘Like a Star’, it’s nice)

and just when I thought she and/or someone in her camp had sense, Myspace, for the junkies.

AllofMP3 are belong to…

music web

     Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or just don’t follow tech news, there has been a site that’s been talked about frequently lately. It’s called AllofMP3.com. It’s a Russian based MP3 music selling site similiar to Itunes but more like sites like Emusic.com in that it sells songs in standard, presumably non DRM ridden, MP3’s instead of AAC like Itunes. And that you don’t need an Ipod to listen to them. It’s a well done site if you check it out. The reason that it is in the news, is not because it sells songs and whole albums in MP3 form, it is because it sells them for cheap. I’m talking WAY too cheap to be legal cheap. This is NOT why i’m telling you about this, but if you choose to check it out, that’s on you. Be warned, that it’s not the fact that the site is selling music, it’s the legality of which it does it that is in question.

     You can bet that the Recording Industry Association of America(RIAA) is trying to shut them down, but as I said, it’s in Russia. That won’t stop them from trying though. Also, more recently, it’s been said that supposedly artists aren’t getting anything from the site as far as payment. As you know, when music gets bought in stores or wherever, part of the money SUPPOSED to go to the artist (as royalties). Well, it goes to the Label and they give a tiny bit to the artist. So if the Labels aren’t getting their money, the artists they aren’t happy. But’s that’s also not why i’m telling you about the site. The whole recording arists get fucked thing is old news.

     The reason i’m telling you of this is that Allofmp3.com apparently puts out ‘best album’ (awards) and other charts based on criteria like year, Grammy wins, or whatever. They have fairly recently put out a listing of the Greatest 500 Albums. It’s done by genre and is quite a comprehensive list, too. Some of the stuff you can’t easily find in stores, too. If you go here for no other reason, this is it. Should you choose to buy anything, you are on your own. Just listen out for the knock at the door.

Oh, you might want to read up some of the shenanigans going on with the site and the site itself. Do so.


New Album lookout #2/ Where are they now?#2 mashup

music where are they now

This was supposed to be a ‘where are they now‘ but plans changed thanks to a little net surfing. Actually, I came across this checking out a site I will talk about soon. Right now, let’s talk heavies… as in Brand New Heavies. Never heard of them? Shame on you, but i’ll let you walk with me anyway.

The Brand New Heavies (the Heavies for short), starting as a trio, was formed in London, England back in the mid eighties as an instrumental group. The sound was a mix of Retro Funk groove (think James Brown and the like) and Acid Jazz. Shortly thereafter, the Heavies, gained a horn section and a bigger following in the club. Eventually, they got a record deal and a vocalist along with some major buzz. An self titled album was done, and things popped off. Because of this, the group came to the attention of Delicious Vinyl Records here in the States. Somewhere in there, the then vocalist Jay Ella Ruth, ended up not in the group. So, Delicous Vinyl grabbed a young, VERY nice vocalist named N’Dea Davenport. In 1992,The Heavies re-recorded their album with N’dea’s vocal and pushed it out. Again, there was magic, just now on american soil. You may be familiar with the songs ‘Stay This Way‘ or the more poular ‘Never Stop‘ from this album. That same year, the group dabbled in Hip Hop with the album ‘Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. 1‘, which mixed the Heavies sound with the time’s hot rappers like Grand Puba, The Pharcyde, and Gangstarr (whose lyricist, Guru, hollered at N’dea to do a song on his ‘Jazzmatazz vol. 1’ album). Two years later (after the group’s platinum selling album, ‘Brother Sister‘), N’dea left the group and went solo which, personally, was a bad call but what can you do. She was replaced with the very talented Siedah Garrett.

Now, I have to say that this was not a bad deal for Siedah or the group, as she has either written, sang or collaborated on many songs you probably know. She started as a back up singer for Quincy Jones and Micheal Jackson and even went on to pen a few little known numbers like, ‘The Secret Garden(Sweet Seduction Suite)‘ and ‘Man in the Mirror‘ for them respectively. She also ended up having 2 solo albums before and during her Heavies gig. Notable song, ‘Refuse to be Loose‘ from the first one. Personally, she will forever be known to me for singing one of my favorite (and life soundtrack candidate) songs, ‘Ever Changing Times‘. I just found out she did another favorite of mine called ‘Sexy‘ for Maysa‘s 1995 self titled album and a few others. The girl is bad, but unfortunately, it didn’t translate into sales for the Heavies 1997 album, ‘Shelter‘. The album was good and had two personal hits with the songs ‘Feels Like Right‘ and the single ‘Sometimes‘. My guess is, people were missing N’dea and I can see it if that were the case. While Siedah is a powerhouse in her own right, N’dea voice is perfect with the group’s sound. N’dea, by the way, did come out with a self titled solo album in 1998. It did alright, I guess. It was R&B with flashes of the sound she had with the Heavies and yielded a hit with the song, ‘Bring it On‘.

So, here we are asking, “now what”? The Heavies hadn’t had an album since ’97 unless you count the import album, ‘We Won’t Stop’, which is possibly vocal less, or ‘All About the Funk’ earlier this year. I don’t know about either of those. But what I know is that there is a brand new Heavies album(could be June 27th) coming out soon called ‘Get Used To It’ that is featuring N’dea on vocals….as it should be. And that, my friends, is where it’s at. I’ve heard a song off of the album and it sounds good. If you want to hear it, go here. Doth endeth the lesson.

Incidently, there was Brand New Heavies Greatest hits album back in 2000 that had a new song featuring N’dea on vocals. Coincidentely, it was called, ‘Finish What You Started’

(EDIT) See, not doing my job properly. I forgot to mention their websites:

N’Dea Davenport.Net, Siedah Garrett

Wikipedia: Brand New Heavies, N’Dea Davenport, Siedah Garrett

and, of course, for you Myspace junkies, The BrandNewHeavies.Net and N’Dea Davenport
and Delicious Vinyl Records.

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