Cupid’s Hunt 2012 – Downside

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[Editor’s note: Yes. This is days late, but I have it on official authority to post this anyway]

Fun Fact: every year of my participation in the annual Cupid’s Hunt event, I end up putting together enough music for at least two different playlists. I only end up posting one (even with the threat of wanting to post multiple). The reason is irrelevant at the moment. Usually, my contributions tend to fall towards the happier sides of love, even though I know there is always yang to the yin. That being said, I’m coming at this one from the other side of the spectrum. After all, there are different phases to love and different levels of love. There is that uncertain part where you know something’s wrong which starts the downward spiral to the end of the relationship. There are as many people going through this part of the cycle as there are those past and beyond it. This too, is sadly part of the hunt. The torturous part of the love cycle that no one cares to be in. This list goes through(I hope) some of the feeling that might come up at this time. This goes out to those that are going into as well as coming out of this phase, to those that feel stuck there, and those who never believe they will ever get there.

I encourage you all to go check out the other entries into this year’s event by going here. Thank you to the One T. Grundy again for allowing me entry into this fine affair.

Cupid’s Hunt 2012 – Downside

Vivian Green – Emotional Rollercoaster
Brian McKnight – Is The Feeling Gone?
Tony Toni Tone – Pain
Corinne Bailey Rae – Til It Happens To You
Tisha Campbell – Broken Hearted
Chante Moore – As If We Never Met
Zhane – Piece It Together
Expose – Season’s Change
Gladys Knight and the Pips – Neither One Of Us(Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)
Blackgirl – Where Did We Go Wrong
Mint Condition – Nothing Left To Say
Vanessa Williams – What Will I tell My Heart

Download or listen to it below.