Randomosity 01: It took a turn

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Welcome to the first official Randomosity. The thing to really know about this is that while random is in the name, it’s not always going to necessarily be in the the execution…though you can bet there will be. Case in point, sometimes I start off with an idea for a playlist based on something on my mind. Might even have some tracks in prep, but somewhere between then and putting it out…it switches gears. See if you can figure out where that really happened here. Also, there should have been a (rant) bit or two added in that I didn’t get to record at the time I put this together. Some other time, perhaps. There is a nice, fresh Sample Moment for you dig on, in the meantime. I am shooting for every two weeks for these on a Tuesday. Well see how that goes, as well. Point is, you never really know what all you’ll get with these….at least, I don’t know what you’ll really get. Regardless, I do hope you enjoy the offering. And with that, here it is. [Edit] Not that it matters, but the addition of the Otis Redding was well before the whole “Otis” hysteria.

Sy Smith – Fa Sho
Erykah Badu – Love of my life
D’Angelo feat. Redman & Method Man- Left and Right
Musiq feat. DJ Aktive & Carol Riddick – Soulstar
Otis Redding – Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa (sad Song)
Tony Toni Tone – If I had no loot
Myron – Free
Aaliyah – Hot Like Fire
Bobby Brown – Pretty Little Girl
Sir Mix-a-lot – My Posse’s on Broadway
Masta Ace – Born to Roll
Whodini – I’m a ho
Easy E – Boyz in the Hood (remix)

Sample (and song of the) Moment:
Michael Wycoff – Lookin’ up to you

You can download or listen to it below.

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