Soundtracking: L.A. Noire

So late last night on a whim, I attempted to start playing the Rockstar Games detective fiction, L.A. Noire. As I stated on Getglue at the time, I didn’t get any farther than the start menu for listening to the music that was playing on at the time. It is a beautiful, jazzy (natural, given the game’s overall tone) piece that now reminds me of another classic piece I love to death, John Coltrane’s Naima. Now, Rockstar is always good for putting great music into their games, licensed or not, so this is no surprise. What was the surprise, or maybe it shouldn’t have been, was what I found out after doing a little digging on the piece in question.

After sitting in my office for probably a good five to ten minutes listening to the song simply called L.A. Noire Main Theme, I went straight to see if there was an official soundtrack to buy. Of course, there is one available on Amazon and itunes (I think you know which one I went for). There is also a six song ep of classic jazz songs remixed by some notable producers available as well. Looks as though it’s only on itunes, though. Boo. Anyway, if you care to hear the song I’ve been digging on the last few hours, you can check it out below from Soundcloud. Apparently, Rockstar has uploaded it and 8 other tracks for people to listen to. Peep it out, I’ll wait.

L.A. Noire “Main Theme” Andrew Hale by RockstarGames

So, after buying said soundtrack but before actually going to play the game, I noticed that the guy who composed the soundtrack was one Andrew Hale. At first second, the name didn’t really strike me as familiar off the bat, but as I thought about it, I felt like I should know the name. And sure enough, I did and so do a lot of you. This Andrew Hale is a member from from a little known, highly underrated band named Sweetback, also known as the backup band for one Sade Adu. And it appears dude has been doing more than I thought, because in the course of looking into this, I also found that Hale composed songs for the movie “Scott Pilgrim Versus the World”, which is a video game in itself (both in visually and actually, really) and a few other movies. Pretty awesome from where I sit! So, if you get a chance, go check it out from the Soundcloud link above. Or better yet, go buy the soundtrack if you are into the jazzy moody vibe or have played and liked this game. You will NOT be sorry.

Mystery solved!

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