Now here’s a funky introduction on how nice she is


By now you may have seen a couple of post not done by me. Well, that was the intro to let you know that I have a partner in crime on this here site. She will be throwing her brand musical flavoring into the mix and stirring it up the way only she knows how(because I never copied the recipe). I figured before we go any further, let’s be getting to know Miss Elle a little better. I’ve needed to give her a ’93 interlude (which is about how long I’ve know her, actually) well before now. So without further ado, Meet Elle Razberry. You can also find her on the Twitters here.

Tell ’em what yo name is.
Elle Razberry some know me as LBoogie though 😉

What’s the meaning of the name? 

A local group I have worked with quite a bit, the House of M, always gets comparisons to Wu Tang, I had been hosting shows and doing things for a while going by just L and we were joking around one day about how I am pretty much the only female vocalist you hear on their tracks. Got myself and one of the members, Gambit, to joking around about Wu Tang’s Blue Raspberry and so it was written.

What is your origin story?
Origin story…that sounds like it should be deep and powerful?  Let’s see my mama says I came out singing and haven’t shut up since.  Music is in my blood, I am the grandchild of a band director, my father has sung for years and I have done everything from performing with the local Youth Symphony (I am classically trained in Flure) to singing in competition Gospel Choirs to singing with a 70s Rock Cover Band to doing musical theater.  Music is in my blood, hip hop, however is inked on my soul!  🙂

Where you from?
Born in VA, raised in the Brew [That’s Milwaukee for the uninitiated.- Ed.]

What’s the music scene like there?
Here in Milwaukee, the scene is interesting. We are a town who has struggled to identify our own sound. For years I never really even knew much about the scene because all of the cats I knew of that were “making music” (if that’s even what you call it) were a copy cat of some other artist that was already out…and many times not even good ones! I have however over the last few years discovered that there is a collection of artists in this city who care about their craft and can outshine many of the famed artists of today if only they got the support and exposure.

Theme music, every good hero(ine) should have some. What is yours?
God just one?  Today…”The Healer” by Erykah Badu…I have commitment issues though so this could change tomorrow. [post writer’s current ringtone, mind you – Ed.]

Your favorite genre(s) of music? 
Music…I pretty much listen to everything.  But I’m hip hop all day, music and lifestyle.

Old school, new school, which school rules?
I still hold on to old school, because there are so few new school cats that have perfected it and put in the blood sweat and tears that the originators did.

Who are some of your favorite artists?
Lauryn Hill, Nas, MC Lyte, The Legendary Roots Crew, Common, Adele, Esthero, John Coltrane, Nina Simone, John Mayer, Coldplay, Daft Punk…I don’t think you have enough time or space for my list.

What are your top five favorite albums (any genre)?
1988 – Adele (Mick Boogie Mash Up Album), The Grey Album – DJ Danger Mouse, Wicked (Original Broadway Cast), The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends – Coldplay…there are so many more

Do you sing, rap, dance, in just one show? If not, what skills do you have?
I sing, I haven’t rapped since I was about 15, although everytime I hear some WACKNESS on the radio it makes me think I should pull it back out of me.  lol

Hmm. Any chance of you rippin’ mics on the daily any time soon?
Say me say many money, say me say many many many…  Rappin’ ahhh not sure about that.  That’s outside of my comfort zone, but I have a few folks around me who like to pull me out of that zone and somehow get me to do some things I didn’t even know I could do, so never say never! [insert kanye shrug here]

Where are all of the female emcees nowadays? I know there are some around. What’s the hold back in your opinion?
They are there, but they aren’t sought out so it is hard for some of them to create that path to be heard.  For years female emcees had to ride on the coat tails to be seen and heard, that still happens, but more often these days you have ladies who want to be seen as a reputable artist of their own right, not just because they got the right co-sign.  Others think give the fellas what they want to get them to listen, because the world knows sex/gimmicks sell.  Who’s right?  Who’s wrong?  But there are some quality female artists out there and hopefully I can give more exposure to some of those hidden gems others SHOULD get to know.

Tell ’em yo motto.
No regrets – Don’t spend your time worrying about yesterday, because you will miss the blessings that come your way today. Don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring, because tomorrow may never come.

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