So when did you fall in love with hip hop?

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So I have been coerced a bit by Sir Roddio Jukebox himself to contribute to this little hear pet of his.  He knew with my past addiction to blogging and my incurable love for music that his argument wouldn’t have to be too strong to get me sucked back in.  So here it is…my first post and the adhd music fiend in me couldn’t figure out what to write about.   I have music tattooed on my skin, but hip hop is inked on my heart, so what better to write about than the beginning.

So the question that will define my opinions about people for ages (thanks to Brown Sugar)…when did YOU fall in love with hip hop?  I FEEL like hip hop has been around all of my life, because of the impact it has had on my ears, my outlook and my soul, but I know the first time I heard Kurtis Blow and Run DMC in Krush Groove  was the moment when my life had changed and I’d found love.

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