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where are they now

Grenique came along when there was still some semblance of goodness to be found on the radio. Not much, but some. I kid, radio was still somewhat good for soul artists at that time. There were a bunch of promising one hit/album artists, all of whom had a hook of some kind ,came out at this time. Grenique was among this bunch. 1999 saw the release of her album Black Butterfly & it’s single, “Should I”. It had much play during the time of it’s release. I know I personally had that album in heavy rotation. I was hoping to hear more from her in the years after that, but it seems like she got lost in the shuffle. I brief bit of checking didn’t seem to suggest that she was doing anything right now, but I’m sure that the person on Myspace using that name, isn’t her.

So if you should happen to see Grenique or have any ideas of her whereabouts, please point her to the nearest studio and tell her to get to producing some stuff. Now better than later. Check out a couple of tracks below & reminisce with me, if you please. Oh, and Grenique holds the distinction of being one of the few artists that has made a remake of a song(in this case, Heatwave’s “Star of the Story“) that could hold up to the original. That is high praise if I may say so.


Should I
Grenique -Should I

Black Butterfly
Grenique – Black Butterfly

Star Of The Story
Grenique – Star Of A Story

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  1. I love her! I have been trying to find out what Grenique is doing now. I loved her then and I love her now. I wish she would get back in the studio again.

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