Where are they now – Grenique

where are they now

Grenique came along when there was still some semblance of goodness to be found on the radio. Not much, but some. I kid, radio was still somewhat good for soul artists at that time. There were a bunch of promising one hit/album artists, all of whom had a hook of some kind ,came out at this time. Grenique was among this bunch. 1999 saw the release of her album Black Butterfly & it’s single, “Should I”. It had much play during the time of it’s release. I know I personally had that album in heavy rotation. I was hoping to hear more from her in the years after that, but it seems like she got lost in the shuffle. I brief bit of checking didn’t seem to suggest that she was doing anything right now, but I’m sure that the person on Myspace using that name, isn’t her.

So if you should happen to see Grenique or have any ideas of her whereabouts, please point her to the nearest studio and tell her to get to producing some stuff. Now better than later. Check out a couple of tracks below & reminisce with me, if you please. Oh, and Grenique holds the distinction of being one of the few artists that has made a remake of a song(in this case, Heatwave’s “Star of the Story“) that could hold up to the original. That is high praise if I may say so.


Should I
Grenique -Should I

Black Butterfly
Grenique – Black Butterfly

Star Of The Story
Grenique – Star Of A Story

Luda in HD. Is the world ready?

music tech

At a Consumer Electronics Show press conference yesterday, Chris “Lova Lova” Bridges, AKA Ludacris AKA LUDA!, spoke on his recent release of his concept album, “Theater Of The Mind”, in High Definition Surround sound (HDS) on CD & Blu-ray disc. This is probably not unlike the seemingly nonexistant DVD-Audio format that made their way into the market some years ago. Do they even still make those? I’m all for good sounding audio, but I’m more concerned that there is good material on the album. It’s not like most people can tell the difference anyway. And let’s just say that concept albums don’t fill me with the warm fuzzies, you know? Anyway, here is a video courtesy of CNET about the press conference.

’08 love at first listen list

listies moments in time

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the only ’08 list I could muster up. Why? Because I was just slipping back into a whole lot of music for whatever reason & therefore couldn’t do a proper year end list justice . You can check out this post here for some good picks. You can also go check out the ’08 Best Albums Round Table podcast done by Fave & other notable personalities on his site. It is well worth the listen, folks.

Now, on to my list. Have you ever had that song that just instantly grabs you from the first note & never lets go? Well, my list is comprised of those such songs. At first, I didn’t think I had a whole lot(because my mind only keeps stuff for so long), but I ended up with more than I thought. Anyway, in no particular order:

Erykah Badu – The Healer

I defy you not to have nodded your head when you first heard this song. I double defy you. The producer Madlib & the divine miss Badu put their respective socks into this joint.

Erykah Badu – The Healer

Jean Grae – Love Thirst

Take one of the hottest female emcees & put her over a hot 9th Wonder beat spitting sexual imagery. Head nodding Fiyah!

Jean Grae – Love Thirst

Lalah Hathaway – For Always & That Was Then
I LOVE Lalah Hathaway. So when I heard she was coming out with an album last year, it was on. She didn’t disappoint, not that I thought she would. Not one but two songs got me off the bat. It doesn’t hurt that they were back to back. Hope you can hear why I like them.

For Always

Lalah Hathaway – For Always

That Was Then
Lalah Hathaway – That Was Then

Come Back – Algebra
Ok, I know that this is from an album that was released in ’06, but it was re-released in ’08. It counts, back up. I love Algebra’s voice already, but this song had me more sprung.
Algebra – Come Back

Stacey Epps – Floatin’

Another head nodder from someone I found out about late in the year. Singer/rapper with a good future if she gets it in. Sounds like she might.

Stacey Epps – Floatin

Ra Re Valverde – Superhero

I believe I heard about this lady from the folks at Soulbounce.com. I really liked the album. This song and one other not on this list was in constant rotation.

Ra-Re Valverde – Superhero

UGK feat. Andre 3000 – International Players Anthem

Do I have to say it? The song in itself was great. Andre 3000 sets it off lovely with his verse. R.I.P. to Pimp C

UGK(Feat. Andre 3000) – International Players Anthem (I Choose You)

Jazzanova – Let Me Show Ya

Another late in the year entry. This group was a buzz all over Twitter. I see why with songs like this.

Jazzanova – Let Me Show Ya

Colin Munroe – I Want Those Flashing Lights

I like this version better than Kanye’s version. Nuff said. This cat has another song called piano lessons w/Joel Ortiz that’s pretty hot, also.
Colin Munroe – I Want Those Flashing Lights

Foreign Exchange – Daykeeper

If you hadn’t heard this song yet, what is wrong with you?

Foreign Exchange – Daykeeper

Maiysha – Alchemy

I am looking to hear more from this young lady. If you hadn’t checked out her album, “This Much Is True“, please do. you won’t be disappointed.

Maiysha – Alchemy

Liquid Spirits – Melodies feat. Leon Ware

Mix one eclectic group out of Amsterdam with a legendary songwriter of soul music & you get this song. This could go on a slow tape playlist at some point.

Liquid Spirits – Melodies feat. Leon Ware

And that, friends, is that. Hope to do this again in ’09. Preferably better prepared. 🙂