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You ever have that one song or songs that just trigger a memory every time you them? Good, glad i’m not the only one. It’s funny to me how, and when, that happens. I guess it’s a beautiful thing that music can spark a memory, good or bad. Allow me to share a couple with you right now.

Groove Theory – Tell Me (Groove Theory – 1995)

This song was “dedicated” to me by a young lady I met back in College. She was (and probably still is) a total sweetheart. We met on a BBS called ISCA and became friends. I even went to go see her a couple of times at her school. This song was “dedicated” to me as, I guess, a means to tell me that she liked me and wanted to know how I feel. At first, I failed to realize this(though I felt that she liked me) when she asked me to listen to this song. I had already heard it & liked it before then, but it took on another meaning after that moment.

Groove Theory – Tell Me.mp3

Frank McComb – All You Need Is Love (Love Stories – 2000)

Now this is a case where the artist more than the song itself was the spark. There was another young lady that I met a few years ago(don’t worry, they won’t all be attached to woman….I think) that I met through my best friend. She was mad cool people & we hit it off from day one. Might have to do with us being a good bit alike, I think. Not sure if that’s good or bad, though. Anyway, one night we were chillin’ at her place and we were talking about music (as we were prone to do), and she mentioned Frank McComb. I had never heard of him at the time(which was not too long after his first album, Love Stories, came out in 2000. The young lady, whom I should really give a name to, played a few tracks off of the album including her faves. The album itself, was great on first listen, but it was this song here that got it’s hooks into me and never let go. Granted, I have plenty of other reasons (and sparks) that remind me of the young lady in question, but this one is more of the more indearing ones. 🙂

Frank Mccomb – All You Need Is Love.mp3

Keith Sweat – I’ll give all my love to you (I’ll Give All My Love To You – 1990)

Now this one doesn’t directly have to do with me. Back in High School after I started driving, one of my homeboys from another school would roll out when he came in town. One night we were out at a game or something when we ran into a female classmate of mine (out of the sea of my classmates that we had been running into at the game) that took a liking to my friend. I can’t remember, but I think they had met & been talking before this time. Anyway, we ended up taking the young lady home(who just so happen to live near the same area as we did). So my man walks the girl up to her door & I stay in the car. They talk for a couple of minutes & it looked as though there was going to be a kiss or two…except that my man started walking out to the car a minute or two later.

Now one thing you must know about me is that I was a bip sap back in the day. Some say I still am. So when my boy comes back to the car and gets in, I’m like “hold up, something should have happened”. So I told dude to go back to over to her door (where she was still standing, btw) & handle business. So, he gets out of the car, & I pop in a tape that was cued up near this song & pumped it up neighbors be damned. And sure enough, they kissed. I smiled & had my own little twisted moment.

Keith Sweat – Ill Give All My Love To You.mp3 (Actually, it was the interlude that played, but roll with it)

I’m sure there is a meme on this or something. Regardless, I know you all have similar stories/songs like these. Please share them with me in the comments. I’m sure I have some more at some point.

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