Albums/song of the year ’08 thoughts


So people are starting to put out their album/songs of the year lists right now. I don’t have one, but maybe by the end of the month, who knows. In reading through a few, I’ve noticed one glaring fact. Check it.

In looking at Allmusic’s Hip Hop/Rap albums list, there are 20 albums. 10 that I knew about, 4 that I own, and 1 that I don’t give a shit about(could have been 2 but I’m giving Nas a pass for some reason). The rest, I either had not heard of, or ignored. At the time of this posting, they didn’t have an R&B/Soul list, but check to the right of the page for their other lists. I am definitely not up on the Reggae, Jazz, or Blues offerings admittedly.

Black Milk – Tronic
Jean Grae – Jeanius
Q-Tip – The Renaissance
The Roots – Rising Down

Did not know was out:
Gza – Pro Tools
Rza as Bobby Digital – Digi Snacks
Scarface – Emeritus (saw in store, but hadn’t heard anything)

Knew about but slept on:
Nicolay & Kay – Time:Line

The thing I love about these cats is that they haven’t steered me wrong the whole time I’ve been reading them (I found out about them earlier this year). So I guess I should be embarrassed that I haven’t picked up or found out more about some of their picks now, shouldn’t I? Yep, but folks will have you broke if you let them. 🙂

Their lists: ill Mami, nOvaMatic, Butta, Harlem, Ro

Let’s just say that there are folks on their lists that I have slept completely on(or haven’t heard of) and call it a day. The list would be shorter for what I have caught on to. I’m still going through a couple of their lists at the time of posting this, but we do have Raphael Saadiq, Foreign Exchange, Lalah Hathaway, The Roots, Estelle, & Q-tip in common. Zo & Tigallo is not on this list because I don’t have it, but do like them. Still working on Black Milk, Jazzanova, & Little Dragon.

So basically this tells me one thing. There is a whole lot of good music out there that I’m missing out on. Ok, two things, I’m probably still going to jack the Bouncer’s post idea. Yea, it’s not a new one, but I wouldn’t have thought about it had I not come across theirs. 🙂

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