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I just have one simple question. Where the HELL is Remy Shand? He busted on the scene in 2002 with his hit single, “Take a message”, had a couple of other hits(“The way I feel & “Rocksteady”), and just disappeared. It should be noted the Shand is one of the few artists to get me to buy their album based on hearing one song one time(true story. It was the video, actually). One other being Maxwell (and we’re still waiting on him). The album itself, was said to all have been all done in his bedroom and was pretty much ready to press when he got signed to Motown in 2001.

Do you all know that for a good minute I thought Remy Shand was Robin Thicke. They were out around during the same time and sounded similar to me. Sandwiched in sound somewhere between the aforementioned Thicke and Jamiroqui (maybe a touch of Maxwell too, come to think of it), the album was a nonstop listen through and in heavy (personal) rotation when it came out. Anyway, Remy was said to be working on a second that hasn’t materialized yet. If anyone sees him or has any knowledge to his whereabouts, tackle him and march his ass to the nearest studio and tell him he’s not to leave until he comes with a album. A quality one would be preferred. I’m going to go dig out his album now. You can take a chill and check out these videos.

Take a Message

The Way I Feel

Rocksteady (BOO Universal for not letting this be embedded)

3 Replies to “Where are they now #5”

  1. Roddy! Thanks for dropping by, dear. And I know I owe you a Tag Post, lol. I’m such a horrible blog friend, ha! I’ll do better.

    Oh, and I FEEL you on Remy Shand. Dude really did have a funky sound. I could use more of him.

  2. It’s quite alright, I know you’re busy. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t understand that? Besides, the fact that you stopped by is enough to do the Snoopy Dance! Um, try not to picture that, though. That would be bad. 🙂

    As for Remy Shand, I figure SOMEbody I call out may get on the stick and do something. Maybe he’s the one. 🙂

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. OMG! I so feel you on that. I bought the Remy Shand CD based on that one song. He reminded me of Maxwell and I just knew he’d blow up; instead he blew off.

    Jamiroqui was/is great too, but he’s not heavily rotated. He’s appreared on other people’s songs over the years though.

    It’s a shame that people like the aforementioned don’t get the recognition they deserve, while half-witted and barely talented artists get all the shine.


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