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Just throwing this one out here just because. Don’t really do the odds and ends posts, because they would end up that way to me. At any case, I hope to have a couple of hopefully interesting posts coming in the next day or so (but you know me). That’s provided my family don’t run me ragged with requests. I need to start charging them, what’s a good rate? 🙂 Don’t really have much in the way of thoughtful either. There are some blogs on the left of this post that can handle that way better than I can. But that’s for another time. There is a ‘Where are they now’ I’ve been thinking about. It may be a little different from the others. There will be an update coming on the missus’ missives soon, too. It’s funny to me, but, later man. Got a new cellphone last week, so if you see some stuff appear and disappear here, that could be part of the reason. I’d like to try out some things.

So anywhoo, just passing a note on the way to checking out my blog fam (see left sidebar again). Come back through later on.

I leave you with a concert from a pretty cool site that I may or may not have mentioned before called Fabchannel.com. This site basically house hundreds upon hundreds(exact count, Ida know) concerts from music artists far and wide. The concerts are, of course, streamed and you can embed the video into your own site, if you so choose. I’ve gone there ever now and the to check out who’s on there that I would care to see. A lot of the concerts are old and there aren’t a lot of “popular” artists which make it even better, personally. There a lot of artists or groups that you may not have even heard of before doing concerts you may not have ever seen before. See how that works? From time to time, I’ll plant one right here for your perusal. So without Freddie Adu, here is a concert from ’07 from Soul artist Eric Roberson from the Paradiso Main Hall. Not sure where it was, but it’s not the US. it won’t matter.


P.S. I wonder if there is someone’s Google alert I can set off?

I said Later, MAN!

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  1. Hello Roddy aka Electronics guru… I have been planning to buy a new smart phone and would like to have some suggestions… I am with AT &T…

    (Did I just force your hand on a new topic? Lol!)

    Have a good one!

  2. Hey folk, just driving by, and as long as u write, subject dont matter. chk me out one day, and BTW im adding a new blog roll to my page, if u want to be put on it, let me know via shoutbox on my page or email, I just ask u add me to yours , and this way i can chk my blog fam on the reg. and i have a new book out let me know what u think of the cover

  3. @ Ms Sula: Aww shucks, Ma’am (*Blush*). Funny you should mention it, I am always open to new topic and questions, so if you got ’em, bring it. As of for the phone, I’m at your disposal. Just need to ask a couple of questions. I’ll get you on email or the board. 🙂

    @ Dean Big Brother: 1st off, congrats on the book. Will have to check that out. True. Subject doesn’t matter as long as your writing. It does have to be of interest if only to you. 🙂 And if you what’s going on here, feel free to add me. I’m definitely checking your spot out.

  4. It must be bedtime, I had a comment in mind, but once I read those that have already been posted…I lost my train of thought.

    Oh…thanks for letting us now about Fabchannel. I will most definitely check this out.

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