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I could have sworn that I have done one of these for them, but I can’t find it. Portishead is one of the greatest groups, ever. OK, that’s a bit much, but they are a great Electronica/trip-hop group from England. Their first album, Dummy, is a classic. They hadn’t had an album on about 10 years and now they are coming back out.

Maybe they heard me. Doubt it. They were already working on the album when I posted about them. I CAN’T WAIT! Portishead is bringing out their third album called…Third, on April 14 (not the third??) I don’t care. I just want to hear it. I know there are tracks on theirMyspace page (I hope “Keybored 299 03” is still on the album) but I’ve been waiting for a new album for a minute. Hopefully, I will have a review of it when it comes out. We’ll see. I’m lazy about stuff like that, but i want to try my hand at it. That’s all I wanted to say about that for now.

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8 Replies to “Where are they now (Update): Portishead”

  1. See? I knew you were great! Lol…

    I absolutely adore Portishead… and am very excited about the news.

    Thanks for speaking up man!

    (and what happened to the co-blogging project with the wife?)

  2. i hear trip-hop and i think of Lynn from Girlfriends
    i think i remember be u puttin me onto some portishead via the board
    good stuff

  3. @ Ms. Sula: (*blush*)
    as for the wife and blogging, there have been developments, but it’s still a go. I’ll update about that soon.

    @ Deja: Would I steer you wrong…? Don’t answer that. 🙂

  4. Hey thanks for stopping by my humble abode, although I have nooo idea who you are talking about as I am no where near a music fan

  5. trip -hop? Thas a new one.

    Maybe they did hear you. a group member googled themselves and found you…

    Never know!

  6. @ Tenacious: Hey I like what you’re doing over there. It’s my pleasure. Glad you stopped by. May pass you some links. You might like them

    @ Patticakes: Hey love! Thanks for rolling through!

    @ Gee Double: See, you just keep earning those hugs, I tell you. 🙂

    @ Kayos: Is that a fact? Something similar happened a while ago. I need to step my game up. I guess it’s the power of a well placed Google alert or vanity search. I hope they noted my suggestion. 🙂

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