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It’s true. I was there. I was in a box musically where I’ve never kept myself. I missed out on a lot of good music in the past year or two. I’m getting better. I have help. Pandora’s riding shotgun even though I hadn’t been on there much lately. Honeysoul and Neosoulcafe are starting to keep me in line and I can’t forget about my man T. Grundy who constantly reminds me what and where the real music stays. I’m set, but I hate the fact that I believed that Soul music was in hibernation.

I don’t listen to the radio much because it seems that the same songs get played every 15 minutes or so. I can’t deal with that. And as far as Rap is concerned, I don’t know, i’m biased because of the school I came from seem more true than these cats out now. That’s now fair even if it is true, so I plan to stick my ear back to the ground check the sound. Jazz for me is an ever growing love. I’ve been exposed to it when I was little and I was hooked ever since. In ’06, I checked out a couple things on the contemporary front, but I lapsed on the classic stuff. Anyway, I am making a conscious effort to rebuild the blocks that fell off my house. Wanna know what I’ve done so far? Let’s stick with Soul for the time being. It’s actually not much, but it’s a step.

You’ve seen my post on Sy Smith, right? I’m looking for true artists like this lady. There are a few and unfortunately I may have to trek into that ungodly den called Myspace (no offense to my known Myspace junkies. I still love you all.) to listen to them. Here are a few:

Darien Brockington

Chrisette Michelle


Kimy (Definitely check this one out.)

There are a few more, but you get the point. Like I said, I’m working out. And speaking for working it out, it’s is Valentine’s Day. Whether that means anything to you or not, it’s always a good day for some great music. On that, I’m going to have to ask you to point your browser to this link:

NetInfoWeb 2.0: Soul, R Jazz and Blues on the ‘Net » ‘The Event’: Valentine’s Day-Triple Play…

In a case of my man never letting me down, Mr. TGrundy hosts a very interesting post full of great music mixes as he says, “3 Musketeers” style between himself, Grantlove, and EJ Flavors (whom I’ve checked out in the past and will be hitting up his spot with more frequency). And even if you see this post after February 14th, still check the mixes. After all, you’re still going to Love and/or be in love after today, right? RIGHT?

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  1. RK, nice post and thanks for the kind words. Glad you like the mixes. Didn’t know you were a Jazz man too. Cool! Miles Davis “Kind Of Blue” is IMHO the best Jazz album ever made. I went through a period of about two years (a while ago) where I think I listened to that album at least once a day. And don’t EVEN get me started on my Sax players. Coltrane, Turrentine, Grover, Sanborn, Ronnie Laws… I could go on and on (after all everybody loves some ‘good sax’, don’t they?). {smile}

  2. GG: Like I mentioned on the boards, iIhave no doubt you will be. you deserve it. 🙂

    tgrundy: No problem, it’s all true. Yep, I do love jazz and I totally agree on Kind of Blue and that’s was originally based on “So What” alone. As far as Sax players, you’ve named some great ones, particularly Trane and Grover. I’ve heard of Stanley Turrentine, but I’ve not heard any of his stuff. Yea, that one will have to saved for another time because tis would turn into a another post in itself. 🙂 I’m still growing on the Jazz side, but I think I have a good foundation of classic and contemporary artists that I like.

    “(after all everybody loves some ‘good sax’, don’t they?). {smile}”

    Well said!

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