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I am very excited about this! (Neo) Soul Goddess (IMHO) Amel Larrieux (“Get Up“, “For Real“) just dropped a new album! In my opinion, she was due (really overdue for me) for one. If you are wondering who she is, well, you may not have been here before. I know I’ve at least mentioned her sometime in the past. She is the former voice of the group Groove Theory (“Tell Me” and “Keep Trying”) and one of my favorite artists. She has now 3 solo albums and is one of the ONLY people whose album I would buy unheard (and I did too). Come to think of it, she’s one of the only people whose album I would actually buy nowadays PERIOD!

Anyway, her new album is called, “Morning” and I believe it just came out this past Tuesday (that’s when i saw it, at least). I haven’t listened to it, as I said, but will tomorrow. If you want to check out Amel or bits of the album (and past ones), go here and here, respectively. If you are a lover of Soul music, Neo or otherwise, you will NOT be dissapointed.

(UPDATE) Here is a link to a couple of Groove Theory videos and an fairly recent interview with Amel.

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  1. I bought the new album…it is definitely better than the one that came out in 2004…that album was decent but all over the place…this one is also experimental but easier to listen.

  2. L: She seems to space out her joints and doubles the quality.

    Professor GQ: I think Amel tries to stretch the boundaries of what is acceptable in the genre. “Bravebird” was pretty much an extension of “Infinite Possibilites” (in thinking of the last few tracks of it. If you look at it that way, doesn’t seem so bad. I’m not into the trance/dance/trip hop whatever, but the title track, Bravebird, had a little something to it.

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